WT&TT: Slaying Dragons, Social Media & Writing Success

Another pointed post from Chuck Wendig.

Slaying The Dragon: Social Media For Writers, And What That Means For The Success Of Your Book

by terribleminds


the fuzziest, happiest dragon you ever did see SHUT UP SHE IS TOO A DRAGON

I said a thing last year about social media being a misunderstood opportunity forwriters and blah blah blah social media is about connecting and not selling.

You should go read that.

Because I’d like to expand on it a little bit.

Writer Christa Desir tweeted from a conference that Random House gives its authors a social media grade, which is to suggest that social media is important to a writer‘s existence. (I for one would like to know my social media grade. Also my liquor consumption grade, my self-doubt score, and the percentages that show just exactly how much of an impostor I actually am. GET ON THAT, PUBLISHERS.) I have no idea if this idea is in any way malevolent or misguided on the part of the publisher — I’ll go ahead and be optimistic and assume that the grade is not to judge or diminish an author but simply to show authors who might could use a little coaching on social media. Because on social media you can do some good or you can do some ill-ass evil, and hey, maybe it’s a good thing to help people understand what it means to be a writer-person in the online world. (Thanks go to Christa for putting this stuff out there, by the way, because this one of the ways that author social media is best: writers sharing information with other writers.)

Read more by clicking on the link above.

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