Reviewing the past…

I thought I’d schedule this as I’ve been reflecting lately about milestones.

Everyone is doing that “10 years: then and now” thing on social media, posting photos of themselves and reflecting on where they were in 2009 compared to now, in 2019. People are getting sentimental about the fact that it’s another decade passing.

Really, though, as much as I like number categories, especially round ones, anyone can celebrate decades passing and milestones. It doesn’t have to be neatly packaged into dated decades. We can celebrate the little and big things all the time.

Humans love time and rhythms. It’s why we love doing the “look back” thing, I think. It’s also a form of processing. I like to remember things – heck, I keep a daily journal because of that (and for processing them).

Just remember, we aren’t our successes or failures – and each person’s story is different. It’s what makes us who we are.

Having said that, I’ve written down some milestones below. There are many milestones I could pick out. I’m young and have been fortunate.

“Little” ones include going to some lovely musicals and participating in lovely choral performances myself, as well as trying new things, like fencing, BodyPump/ gym and the SCA.

Other (bigger?) ones include:

  • joining my university choir (LaTUCS) and travelling interstate to attend my first intervarsity choral festival;
  • meeting my partner there;
  • becoming LaTUCS vice-president then president
    • through these and other roles, learning how to better work in professional teams with people in real ways that uni doesn’t always teach you, including some hefty conflict management.
  • beginning to move out of home, learning how to best take care of myself and what works for me.

This year/ in the past twelve-ish months, I:

  • finished uni and then graduated with a double degree in Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Occupational Therapy Practice
  • moved in with my partner in Melbourne
  • got a job in a specialisation of Occupational Therapy that I really love: Paediatric OT, working with autistic kids.
    • As of Friday the 20th, I’ve officially had a full year of employment as well as four school terms of work. Awesome stuff.
  • bought a car together with my partner and made great progress with getting my drivers licence (I’m hoping I’ll get it in the new year)

Throughout it all, I’ve done a heckton of development in understanding myself, including my disabilities, my sexuality, my faith and mental health – and from that, I’m learning what self-care works for me and how to get it.

I’ve struggled at times, but fortunately I’ve usually had supports around me or have gained access to them. I’ve come through okay.

I hope you have too.

Here’s to the past, the present and the future, for all of us.

Happy New Year.

On our way…

Hi all. Just a short note to say happy holidays, whatever that looks like for you. I’m heading off on a road trip with my partner and family to Townsville for a few weeks. The road trip will take a few days. I have posts planned (scheduled or mental drafts.) See you on the flip side.

Australia is on fire. Politics suck.

Not the most cheery headline, is it?

It’s true though.

You might have noticed that, over the past few years, my angry political posts have dropped off. At the beginning of this blog, I’d post one fairly frequently. The thing is, those usually took time and resources (I like to link to others’ writings). As time’s gone on I feel like my bandwidth for that has decreased. Especially this year.

After all, writing about politics is hard when, as a progressive person, everything feels like it’s either taking a backwards step, or is just plain miserable. Writing about it too much makes me miserable too. I still get angry, but I don’t know what to do with those angry feels so it turns into anxiety about the future instead.

Fun. I’m not alone in this, I think. Knowing this is good.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m losing hope in the political system and our ability to change anything. At all.

I don’t know where we can go from here, Australia. We re-elected this tool of a government (why) and now, somehow, we have to resist them for another two years until election time again? And then what? I honestly thought that we’d turf them out this time?

I try my hardest to remember that I’m not alone in this and that “drawing together” in good supportive ways (rather than jingoistic conservative nationalistic ways) is what’s needed. Fighting together against those who want to tear away everything that matters and stop us from building a better future. But still….it’s hard.

I almost don’t want to post this, because it feels too depressing.

I’m going to go write something else to cheer myself up.

Life update

How are we doing?

I’m writing this on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Thank goodness for those, because the rest of the weekend is busy – the week has been too. I’ve had choir rehearsal three times since Tuesday, a work end-of-year event last night, and the first carols concert today. Tomorrow is the big concert – if you’re attending the Monash Carols by Candlelight event at Jells Park, you’ll see me as a soprano as part of the choir. Should be fun, if a bit exhausting. I’ve already scheduled Monday as a crash day. I love singing and carols but I need my downtime too, especially when all the events are on the same weekend. What’s your favourite carol?

Throughly fed up with politics at the moment. Australia is led by a fascist government. If you’re in the UK, vote so Labour will win – politics is not a bloody popularity contest!!

It was International Day of People with Disability on Tuesday, a day to “to promote understanding of the issues facing people with disability, and to push for change”. On that theme, if you want to read a couple of young people’s perspectives on their disability, check out Ben’s and Carletta’s stories from the Every Australian Counts website.

I’m relaxing this lazy Saturday afternoon by listening to Queen videos. If I had a time machine and money, I’d go attend famous musical performances, like Live Aid. That reminds me… I need to create my 2019 song playlist.

The holidays are nearly here, meaning that in two weeks I’ll have completed a year of work! I’ve learnt a lot during that time. #proud

Hope your lead-up to the holiday period is smooth, that you have enough time off, and your holidays are relaxing!