Going to write down some recipes so I can remember them. To that end, I’m adding a new category. Here’s the first. 🙂

Pasta Bolognese


Veggies, including 1 onion
Beef/kangaroo mince
Pasta (usual to use spaghetti, but can use fettuccine or some other pasta)
Pasta sauce
Splash of wine for flavour


1 x saucepan
1 x deep pot
2 x large spoons


  1. Chop veggies. Remember that they’ll reduce down when deciding quantity. I like it when there’s a bit of colour on the plate.
  2. Chop onion, then put in bottom of deep pot to cook with oil and garlic
  3. Wait until onion is soft then add mince to brown – remember to break mince up and give occasional stir to make sure that nothing sticks.
  4. When mince is brown, add chopped veggies to deep pot.
  5. Add pasta sauce, splash of wine and some water to the pot – mix everything up together carefully, as pot will (likely) be full.
  6. Taste and balance flavours – the flavour should be full but not overpowering
  7. While it cooks (it’ll take a while, depending on the quantity and type of veggies), start on the pasta.
  8. Bring water to the boil in a deep saucepan (if short on time, boil a jug and tip that in). Add some salt. Add pasta and stir to avoid sticking.
  9. Set timer for about 12 minutes (depending on what it says on the packet, plus a minute or two extra). Stir pasta occasionally to make sure it doesn’t stick or boil over.
  10. When cooked, drain pasta. Serve with the veggies and meat.
  11. Yum.


Reblogged: Ableism exists

A while ago, a hashtag started on Twitter called #AbleismExists. Here, Carly explains it and notes down her own contributions. It’s very accurate.

Some other good related links from Carly…



Reblog: A New Tribalism

I agree heartily with what J.A. says below. He writes from an American point of view, but it is highly applicable beyond the States.
Sometimes I get so sick of the unfortunate, seemingly blind attitudes of some people…


The New Tribalism

ANOTHER VOICE – Posted 14 July 2016

The natives are fearful, restless, and angry…… An alarming development in the United States, across Europe, and even at the Vatican is the rise of the new tribalism. It is fierce and destructive.
The new tribalism polarizes and compartmentalizes people into friends and adversaries. Much of it is irrational. It rejects dialogue and democratic decision-making. In the USA we see “born again” politicians and evangelical Christians defending and promoting the new tribalism. Much of what they promote is politically suspect and theologically contrary to the life, spirit, and message of Jesus of Nazareth.
In summary, it is: Tribe first. Morals second. Faith forgotten. Reason out the window….

The New Tribalism

A bit of light amusement (reblogged)

Saw this a while ago – rediscovered it today. Someone has a lot of time on their hands…. Enjoy.

So it’s Friday. So this train set goes through the whole house and the garden. So watch it.

by Stephen “Yolly” Yolland

Sometimes, we can spend a few minutes we’ll never get back just being impressed, amazed, amused. I wonder if the chap who lavished Lord knows how much time, effort, skill and money on this project knew at the start how much joy it would bring people.


WT&TT: The Truth About Info-Dumps (reblogged)

Hi everyone. After a short break, Writing Tips & Tricks Tuesday has returned. Reminder: most of the stuff – if not all of it – posted on WT&TT is not mine, but reblogged from someone else.

To start up again, I found an interesting article about backstory. I’ll be keeping this in mind when looking at my own writing. If you want to read more than this snippet, then click on the linked title below:

The Shocking Truth About Info Dumps

I’m continuing to write about backstory because it continues to be a topic that confounds writers — and not just any old topic, but a seminal topic. Because backstory is the heart of your novel, without it you will just have a bunch of surface things that happen. In fact, you not only need to create your protagonist’s story-specific backstory before you shove her onto page one, that very backstory will be on the first page. I’m betting you don’t believe me, which is why this month’s entry is all about how backstory is very often right there in the first few pages of your novel, and how it often goes on for pages.

And here’s the shocking thing, given the way writers are often told to think of backstory (that it slows the novel down; or worse, stops it altogether): backstory is actually what holds the story together. It’s the spark that gives it juice. It’s what pulls you in and makes you care. It’s the layer we’re hardwired to respond to; it’s what gives meaning to everything that is happening up there on the surface.



Faith, Trust and a Little Pixie Dust

I find it difficult to “live in the moment”. I’m always planning ahead, or trying to – surprises are not exactly my thing, though if it’s a good one I cope.

The trouble with that is that I have a tendency sometimes to look too far ahead, when certain things happen. A part of me wants to “build castles in the air” and the other fusses. I’m learning to let go and trust that what will be, will be. I just need more practice!

I found the quotes below when rereading a blogger friend’s post from a week ago. They speak to me.

Coming Up….Windrush

Hello everyone!

In less than two weeks, I’m singing in another performance: Windrush. Get your tickets now!

Artistic Director Geoffrey Williams and Choral Director Stella Savy lead the powerful 300 voice Boîte Millennium Chorus, all-star Reggae house band and Steel Drum Virtuosi Alvin Rostant in the Boite’s 19th Millennium Chorus at Hamer Hall.

Geoffrey’s original compositions tell the personal tale of the Williams family’s journey of emigrating from the sunny Caribbean to chilly London. The Windrush program also features classic Reggae songs such as Rankin’ Full Stop,Police and Thieves, and the classic Bob Marley song Three Little Birds.

The Windrush voyage was the beginning of a mass migration from the Caribbean to the UK that profoundly influenced the cultural and political fabric of England. When the ex troop ship HMS Windrush left Jamaica it brought with it immigrants who would become known as the Windrush Generation. They brought with them the very essence of the Caribbean. 

The Millennium Chorus is The Boîte’s premier annual event. Singers rehearse in regional Victorian as well as Melbourne to come together for one night only at the world class Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne.

Get in the mood beforehand at the Caribbean foyer party with Reggae DJ, Mohair Slim. 

A Caribbean food truck will be out the front, to tempt your taste buds.

One night only.

Phone 1300 182 183