Good things

Hi all. I’ve been busy doing fun things. As well as a few more difficult things.

I’ve now had six months in my job. Yay!

I’ve been cooking nice things, including a meat pie, based on Grandma’s recipe. (It tasted nice but I need to perfect the crust.)

I went to a lovely evening run by the SCA and had a blast. I’ll return again. (That’s not my banner, FYI.)

Clare stands in front of a white wall. She’s dressed in a dark hood/ cowl, wearing a green vest over a brown dress. The dress is long, sweeping the floor. She is smiling.

I achieved a few personal bests at the gym. Including a barbel squat of half my body weight!

Clare has taken a selfie. She is wearing a blue singlet and her left arm and hand are visible on a barbel that rests on her shoulders. She is wearing headphones and smiling proudly.

I’ve organised a number of life admin tasks too.

Life’s been good. Occasionally stuff has happened that makes me sad, like when I try to do to much in one day or start a project too late in the day. But I’m glad I have people around me who support me through those days. I hope you have those people too.

May you see lovely sunsets, have warm heating, and your tea/ coffee just the way you like it. Take time to listen to yourself and your needs.