Pay It Forward

I follow this page called Humans in Melbourne on Facebook. It’s a great page, a mixture of photography (love the shots displayed) and life stuff, about the Humanity of Melbourne (his about page contains the full, awesome description).

Recently, the page admin, Chris, has been trying to start something. After almost getting a parking ticket the other day, he resolved to “pay forward” the fine he nearly got.

The fine: $155. That story here:

On Monday, he started paying it forward by handing out a bunch of ice-cold water bottles (the top temperature in Melbourne got to 35*C that day) to people around the city.

“Money paid forward so far 27.50
Money left to pay forward 127.50”

Now¬†there’s an idea.

I’m going to start keeping track of the good things happening that we might miss, but are the things we need to lift us up instead of drag us down. Like the initiative I posted about last week – I’ve got my badge and am wearing it.

I wonder what Chris and other Humans will come up with next…

P.S. Chris has been nominated for a Local Hero award – vote for him by midnight Sunday (23:59 AEDT Sunday 27th November)!