Supermoon TONIGHT

Hi everyone!

Check this out:

Basically, the full moon is going to look really big tonight, the biggest in 70 years and it won’t get this big again for another 18 years. Apparently the best times to see it (if in Victoria, Australia) are just after it’s risen (19:40, AEDT), before the sun sets (around 20:00, AEDT). For other Australian locations, see the link above. I don’t know times/locations for any other countries, sorry.

From the article: “…those who wish to see the extra-super moon rise should go at dusk to an east-facing beach or to the highest point of a hill or mountain with unobstructed views to the east. … According to ScienceAlert, the supermoon is going to be best seen on a dark location, away from the city lights. The best time to take photos will be at about 12:52 a.m. AEST* of Nov. 15, when the moon reaches its full state.”

The Science Alert article has more details, including this:
“During the event, which will happen on the eve of November 14, the Moon will appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than an average full moon.” (The Science Alert article also explains why that occurs and so on.)

😀 Perfect timing!

* = The articles quote “AEST”, the acronym for Australian Eastern Standard Time. In NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, we’re on AEDT, Australian Eastern Daylight (Savings) Time, so the correct time for those states will be 01:52 am.

Apparently if it’s clear enough, we’ll be able to see landmarks like the Sea of Tranquillity with our naked eyes! *Glances outside* Come on, clouds, clear by tonight please!