REBLOG What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Weaponized White Womanhood

Please read this, especially those, like me, who are white women in fandom who think/ thought of fandom as “having problems, but still a great space for all to create our own worlds etc.”. We have to do better and ask ourselves – who is the “all” we speak of? What real-world biases are we bringing in to our creative spaces?

We need to start paying better attention. We’ve had the privilege of not noticing fandom racism. We have to start noticing because others don’t have that privilege when it’s aimed directly at them.

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Content notes: As with a majority of my pieces, this one focuses closely on antiblackness including the antiblackness inherent in weaponizing white womanhood to excuse dogpiling and slandering John Boyega as a misogynist, as a potential sexual predator, as a bunch of other gross and untrue things. I talk briefly about some examples of Rey/Kylo fics from the fandom’s past including non-graphic (I believe) mentions of sexual assault and include links to a recap of one and an image of the other.

White women have most (if not all) of the actual observable power in transformative fandom spaces.

White women are the image of the typical “fan” in Western transformative fandom spaces.

They are frequently the most popular Big Named Fans (BNFs) in online spaces, the people who dominate discussions about and displays of Being A Fan. If you’re in transformative fandom and you see a particular set of headcanons…

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