Some things about me, in brief (details may/ will come through blog posts):

I am a young, white, bi, disabled, Christian, Australian woman. 
I am an extrovert and can be a chatterbox – I tend to ramble a bit in conversations.
I have a pretty good memory for faces, and stories I like; names and working memory (a facet of short-term memory), not so much.
I adore reading, writing, and telling stories of all sorts; as well as art, dance, music  – and some TV and movies, though I’m fussier about those (Fandoms).
I am a member of many fandoms – from books, TV, movies….. (see post linked above.)
I happen to have a disability – Dandy Walker Sydrome.
I am an animal-lover; my favourites are dogs (particularly cocker spaniels and labradors).
I have several real-world issues which push my buttons: climate change; the treatment of refugees/ asylum seekers; equality of all kinds; healthcare; education.
I am an optimist – though that can be exceptionally difficult at times.
I studied Health Sciences and Occupational Therapy at university. I’ve graduated and now work as a paediatric occupational therapist. 
I am an Australian – and I reserve the right to disown the government we’ve got; they don’t speak for me.
I like the outdoors, but sports are not exactly my thing.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ah found you 🙂 thanks for visiting my blog. I came over and checked out some of your amazing posts. Love what you’ve got going here!

    I grew up Catholic, too. I don’t really practice, but we’ve been educating the kids about it since it’s a big part of our family heritage. I’m also a people person and an optimist.

    Really glad to have met you 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Nice to meet you too! Feel free to stick around and comment on more stuff if you like, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what I’ve posted so far!


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