Ugh. June is the month of sickness apparently

Hi all. Last week I did lots of fun and busy things, so no blog posts.

I’d hoped to remedy that this week, but woke up crook with some sort of gastro thing on Monday. I thought it had gone away by the end of Tuesday, but it reappeared yesterday. Yuck.

So I’m on the couch today with only podcasts and hydrolyte solution for company. (I’d like to do more, but anything that makes my eyes focus for too long isn’t helpful to recovery.)

Maybe after the GP visit today I’ll go back to bed. I slept through the afternoon on Monday.

*sigh* why did this had to hit the last week of term instead of the first school holiday week? idk. I wanted to do fun end-of-term stuff with the students…

In the meantime, I’m listening to a podcast that I’d saved from last year about the idea of a universal basic income and other so-called radical ideas. Fascinating stuff. I must remember to get the book they’re talking about, “Utopia for realists”. Sounds interesting.

Life Update

Hi all. It’s been a month, almost, since my last update on here. Oops!

The choir concerts went well, as did the socials after. (Karaoke, trivia, a pub meal and a movie night.)

I’ve had some nice successes at work too.

However, I’ve caught a viral infection so today is a sick day. Lots of rest and fluids, pain killers and listening to my body.

I made a good spicy pumpkin and zucchini soup on Wednesday which has been useful – had it for dinner last night and lunch just now.

I’m spending today on the couch. Among other things I’m watching Queen’s performance at Live Aid – I’ve wanted to do so since watching Bohemian Rhapsody with my LaTUCS peeps. What an electric atmosphere… it must have been epic to perform.

A slow day. Here’s hoping that I kick this infection to the curb by the end of the weekend.

Photo showing legs wrapped in a pale blanket lying on a dark couch. To the left of the legs there is a laptop showing a YouTube video in which Freddie Mercury is visible in front of a crowd. Behind the laptop are a box of tissues.