After that extended break…

Hi there. Hope you all had a good holiday period. My Christmas/ early January holiday was lovely, followed by a great AIV2019. Fun times, nice places, great people. Many thoughts and feels.

Now, it’s back home to work and the like. I’ve started my new job and feel good. I’m looking forward to where 2019 leads. I’ve got a few plans in mind – Monday and Wednesday will be my blogging days, with the occasional scheduled post on other days, due to work commitments. I’ve started a Twitter account today, where these blog posts will also be published under the same handle (@myzania15).

I really hope that 2019 leads to better leadership on climate change; it’s sorely needed. The hot weather lately has been quite something. I’ve activated my “hot weather operating procedure”: any errands to be completed in the morning before 11/12, or after 16:00; windows shut and blinds down during the day, to be flung open if it cools in the evening. I’ll manage. 🙂 I just hope that the weather improves down south so that the fires in Tasmania can be fully contained and put out. It doesn’t look good down there. Meanwhile, in Townsville and far north Queensland, they’re bracing for flooding and thunderstorms. Including in places where I visited earlier this month! Wow.

I’ll write more soon. Below is a picture of sunrise at Pallarenda beach, Townsville that I took during my holiday there. I had to set my alarm for a 05:15 wake up to get it, but it was lovely.

Picture of a sunrise at low tide, with dark shadowed sand stretching out to meet silvery-blue water, touched gold by the yellow sun visible just over the horizon in a pale-blue sky