Peace is Engaged Eye-to-Eye

On Saturday night at the Easter Vigil, we celebrated the ceremony of light to mark the “new dawn” or “new awakening” created by Christ’s resurrection. It symbolises the “new road” the disciples had been called to walk by Jesus, during his ministry and then after the events of Easter. There are times, we were reminded by the parish priest, that we have to reassess where we’re going. Sometimes the only solution is to turn back and begin again anew, searching for a deeper understanding.

My parish priest referred to this feeling as “our own Galilee”, in reference to how in the Gospel, the disciples, previously despairing after their beloved friend’s seemingly inglorious end (put to death as a criminal!), were told to “go ahead to Galilee” where Jesus would meet them. There, they continued with their ministry, spreading Jesus’ message of love: non-violence, forgiveness and compassion. These are the things that make up “peace” to me. As I was thinking about this yesterday, I read an interesting article.

It talks about peace being welcoming practices which become habits over time…tolerance and acceptance of difference, hospitality and strong community bonds. That sounds Christ-like to me.

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you’re getting (or have got) the chance to do things which are good for you, whether that be visiting family and friends and socialising or simply having a relaxing time at home away from work.


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