Seasons in Melbourne & surrounds

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about how I was interested in the idea of a local seasonal calendar and how I’d found something like that (changing seasons). It wasn’t quite right though – a Gariwerd calendar, not one for the Kulin Nation. I kept my ears and eyes open for one that was, because it is on the lands of the Kulin nation peoples that I was born, grew up and work (Wathaurong) and live now (Wurundjeri).

Recently, my local church, Brunswick Uniting, did a presentation on the “seven seasons of the Kulin Nation” as part of our “Season of Creation” liturgies over September/ October. So I’ve finally found a proper seasonal calendar that the peoples of the Kulin Nation would likely have followed. Apparently it was right under my nose the whole time at the Melbourne Museum. I think I’ll have to make a trip there soon.

The calendar of seasons for the Kulin Nation peoples, with approximate months, is below.

  1. Biderap: Dry season; roughly Jan-Feb
  2. Luk: eel season; March
  3. Waring: Wombat season; April to July
  4. Guling: Orchid season; August
  5. Poorneet: Tadpole season; September-October
  6. Buath Gurru: Grass-flowering season; November
  7. Kangaroo apple season; December.

For all of these, the corresponding months are approximate, varying year to year. For example, I think Buath Gurru started a week or two ago, judging by the sudden uptick in mine and others’ hayfever symptoms.

For further details and other interesting information, see the following links: