Life Update

Hi all. It’s been a month, almost, since my last update on here. Oops!

The choir concerts went well, as did the socials after. (Karaoke, trivia, a pub meal and a movie night.)

I’ve had some nice successes at work too.

However, I’ve caught a viral infection so today is a sick day. Lots of rest and fluids, pain killers and listening to my body.

I made a good spicy pumpkin and zucchini soup on Wednesday which has been useful – had it for dinner last night and lunch just now.

I’m spending today on the couch. Among other things I’m watching Queen’s performance at Live Aid – I’ve wanted to do so since watching Bohemian Rhapsody with my LaTUCS peeps. What an electric atmosphere… it must have been epic to perform.

A slow day. Here’s hoping that I kick this infection to the curb by the end of the weekend.

Photo showing legs wrapped in a pale blanket lying on a dark couch. To the left of the legs there is a laptop showing a YouTube video in which Freddie Mercury is visible in front of a crowd. Behind the laptop are a box of tissues.

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