Sunsets and nice things

I like watching the year change, through the seasons and through the daylight hours.

Having to rely on public transport means my journey between home and work takes a while. It’s tough some mornings when I’d rather be a sleeping a bit longer. However, there are some compensations…. I get to see the changing daylight firsthand. There are beautiful sunsets and sunrises, as the dark slowly moves forward toward the winter solstice. I notice the changes week-to-week, and after the solstice I’ll get to see the daylight slowly push back the dark again.

Below, there are pictures I took of a beautiful sunset a few weeks ago, from a train station that’s a changeover on my commute.

Some things may truly suck right now (and ooh, I have words about that after Saturday), but at least there are sunsets, homegrown veggies and other nice things.

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