Holiday season life update

Hi all. Not quite the end of the year, but close to it. I’m counting my blessings.

In the past month, I’ve finished uni and qualified (receiving my official eQual documents via email the other day!), moved house and (drumroll) found a job. Yup, this new grad OT is off on her way, starting next year in a school. Yay!!!

There are lots of things for me to reflect on right now… I feel very lucky with how the past month and the past few years have worked out for me. They haven’t been without their challenges, but I’ve grown a hell of a lot – and I’ll continue to do so.

January is likely to be light on for blog posts – I’ve got some holiday time with the family coming up, and then AIV2019 after that. I hope to get a chance to post a few pictures from my Townsville holiday and then AIV, but I’ve learnt by now not to promise anything.

Happy holidays everyone, whatever and however you’re celebrating. I hope you have good times with people who care about you and who you feel connected to.

A dark black stone bowl holding hotcakes, a pale scoop of vanilla ice-cream, purple flowers, green mint, crunchy pale granola bites,, and red and black berries.
Brunch of hotcakes with extras at a cafe for my final placement evaluation, a month ago. Yum!

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