Cute procrastination…

Check out this website. A friend shared with me, and since then I’ve been checking in with them regularly. The kittens are so cute and the stories, while sometimes heartbreaking, are wonderful.

They have a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. It’s adorable! They’re a group in British Colombia, Canada, who are advocates for a “Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return/Adopt” model of care for feral cats. It’s an interesting idea. If you want to know more, check out the links. Also, if you’re relatively close to the location, there are kittens and cats who are ready for their forever homes. Check out their stories via the links.

I wish there was a Tiny Puppy livestream, haha. ❤


Other things I’ve been doing lately include the next phase of my project placement (moving from literature searches to analysis, yay!), reading (I’ll post reviews of my latest haul shortly), choir organising (LaTUCS is back for semester 2!), cooking (more recipe posts soon!) among other things. 😀


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