Life update

Whew! How is everyone? How’s the weather treating you? This was the misty weather near my place last week. I love misty winter mornings clearing to crisp clear days. Though rainy days are all right too, especially when my garden needs a water.

Tall pines and other conifers standing out from fog, lining either side of a road as it slopes downhill. There's a wire fence on the left side of the road at the front of the pic, and houses on both sides shrouded in mist.

Hopefully at some point this week I’ll get a chance to do some more recipe posts – I’ve made a few great meals lately. I want to do a Fandoms post soon too – I’ve just dived willingly straight back into the Tortall (and other lands) fandom from Tamora Pierce. At some point, I will eventually write up the last part of the Japan trip too (I think preparing for MIV made me forget to do that one!).

However, I’m a bit under the weather at the moment, though thankfully what started as a head cold with a scratchy throat, hoarse voice, stuffed nose and achy muscles is now just an awful-sounding cough. Also, life is life, hectic as usual 🙂 so I make no promises!

What have I been up to? Well, I finished my last block of full-time theory two Thursdays ago, wrapped up assignments on that last week, then this week plunge into a project placement for ten weeks. We’re gearing up to the final five-ish months of my degree, the large part of which is placement-focused. Exciting!!

The garden is going well too.

Two clay pots filled with soil. The right one has lots of green leaves growing, the left has only a few shoots

This picture was taken a week ago, and they’ve grown again since! Looking forward to seeing the finished produce sometime this month, though the plants on the left are taking their time. (We forgot to label them, so I’m not sure which pot has the choi and which pot has the spinach…)

Catch you later!


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