Life Update

Whoops, it’s been a bit longer than I’d hoped between posts! I’m a busy woman juggling several major things atm – and most of the time, it works. So no apologies!
… Having limited computer access because of my laptop fan dying is probably not helping with blogging though.


Some news: I’ve become a little gardener. Fifteen days ago, I planted some seeds in some pots. Then I waited and watered and waited some more. Now I have little seedlings and I amĀ really hoping that they don’t drown in the forecast deluge that’s supposed to slam Melbourne over the next couple of days. They seemed to cope with last night’s downpour, and they’re in a semi-sheltered spot, but I may end up moving them into a more covered area this afternoon. We’ll see. The pots I have are quite big and rather heavy – even before I put soil into them – and I don’t want to disturb my growing greens.

I’m growing spinach in one pot and pak choi/ bok choy (two varieties of the same plant) in another. In the images below, I think the choy are the faster growing ones in the right-hand pot, but we’ll see what happens. (Today’s most recent photo is the biggest image.)

Hopefully this means in another six to eight weeks I get some of my own veggies. Yum!