Spring (and Finals season) approacheth

Football (AFL) finals that is.

I’ve been reflecting lately. Life’s been busy in fun ways – but also a bit tiring (though maybe I just need more sleep?).

Of my reflections, two are related to the time of year.

In the Melbourne six-season calendar I showed you earlier in the year, it’s now Pre-Spring. Which means the weather is all a bit topsy-turvy (though that might just be the seasonal pattern of this year), while the days are getting longer. Today’s sunrise – sunset times were 06:44 and 17:58 according to a calendar I have, for example. 

Last year I took photos of the trees in my family’s back garden budding – I even blogged it I think. Those trees are early-budders. I was reminded of them by an app that shows photos you’ve taken or saved, events you’ve noted yourself as attending, and so on, for each day. It’s a flashback app. It made me think, seeing those photos – about then and now, change, seasons and the like. I’ll be on the lookout as the months change, August to September, for early-budders and other signs of seasonal changes in my new place. 

Here are some signs already: 

Each season (whether that be six or four) is new this year due to my changed location. If I can just remember that and stop to take it in, despite the feelings of busyness, I’ll be happy.

Another thing that I’ve reflected upon lately is the football culture of Melbourne. I’ve not really been the biggest footy fan – it’s always been a family connection for me. That’s not to say that I don’t get involved or passionate about some aspects. Well, maybe passionate is the wrong word. But I’ve followed a team – or teams, in the days when I had the family team and my own one, before drifting back to focus solely on the family team again, as my interest in the game has waxed and waned. This year’s been a bit different for a few reasons. Living in Melbourne has meant that I’m in contact with footy culture in a way I haven’t necessarily been before. I’m on a lot more footy trains by circumstance now, for example. The second reason is that I appear to be a participant in this culture this year, thanks to a certain Hufflepuff scarf that I received at Christmas from my boyfriend. I’ve worn it practically every day since the cold weather came in. It just so happens that Hufflepuff shares the same colours as my family team, Richmond Tigers. As I’ve joked to more than a few people, a witch can certainly blend in amongst the muggles when that’s the case. 🙂 The thing about wearing the scarf and being identified as a Tigers supporter is that footy is tribal. That rush of feeling that connects people is a powerful force. For me, that tribe is my family – so when I’m identified as a Tigers supporter, it connects me back to my first home and my family. Thanks to that and the shared camaraderie between supporters, I think I’ve become more of a footy follower / Tigers supporter than before. In a different way.

And maybe, just maybe – though I don’t want to jinx it – this is our year.

Yellow and Black!