Central Australia Trip report #3

I’ve been so busy lately with placement – either working (9-5, whew!) or relaxing. today marks halfway – already!

So here’s the latest instalment of the trip report, thanks to the bus’ free trip wifi.

Day 3

After arriving late in Wilpena Pound the night before, we took it easy the next morning.

Including waking up late enough for breakfast to be lunch…

Two pots on the camper stove - one pot is full of mince etc.

We took a look around, including at the Wilpena Pound Visitor Centre. The Flinders Ranges has some great scenery to explore on foot or by four-wheel-drive. It’s worth a whole trip of its own. Next time maybe.

And off we went again.

We saw plenty of scenery…

And were momentarily delayed when we came across a local lizard who didn’t want to move out of our way. (We interrupted his sunbaking, I think.)

I’m not sure if he was a stumpy-tailed lizard or bone-headed one. I’ll need to compare images.

Another nice sunset finished the day.

Last rays of sun over horizon

After a long day of driving, we found ourselves at a campsite on an old homestead that used to be a railway town.