Central Australia Trip “report” #1

Here’s the first of the posts I promised about the trip. These are all scheduled and will be dropped over the next few weeks – except this one, finished hastily thanks to trip-free-wifi on the way to placement/work.

Day 1

We set off late in the day after packing the two cars and camper trailer. Meals had been precooked and were stored along with other food items in our new portable freezer, bought especially for the trip. We were aiming to get to Mildura – a good five hours from our starting point. We settled in – four in one car, two in another.

After Mildura, we went on to Renmark – across the South Australian border – to a cabin for the night.

Pics from the day:

The camper-trailer, with tent strapped down on top. WOmble is sitting on the toolbox at the front of the trailer and it's sunny.

The sun shines on both the cars (silver-green Nissan Pathfinder towing the camper-trailer, with maroon Nimbus Mitsubishi in the background of the picture. We're in a carpark and it's sunny.

These two cars and the camper-trailer carried everything for the trip. Womble enjoyed the sun in the first shot.

Tree with no leaves is in silhouette against the sky thanks to the setting sun, visible only as a pale orange strip at the skyline - the rest of the sky is deepening blue

First sunset of the trip!


Statue of a famous man in a rural Victorian town - it's bronze and he's doffing his hat with a riding crop in hand. There's a plaque at his feet explaining who he is and he's surrounded by a wrought-iron fence.

Some famous guy in some rural town…. can’t remember who or where.

Picture taken out a car window - you can see the car mirror outside - of a stop sign.

Picture taken out a car window of a stop sign and warning

Border station – please declare and dispose of all fruit (and some other products).

Taken looking out the car windscreen - the Pathfinder and camper-trailer are lit up by streetlights and approach an arch over the road that signals the South Australian borer

Approaching the South Australian border

Shot of the Pathfinder and camper-trailer, with the car's new floodlights on.

Don’t the floodlights look cool?

Day 2 and 3 will follow soon.

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