Take contentment where you can


Image of a china teacup on saucer. Teabag is visible in the cup and the cup is full of milky tea. Text above the cup reads, "May you pick up your tea when it's exactly the right temperature, and may you happen ot glance out the window when the light is just how you like it."

A mundane blessing

My life is good atm.  I’m writing this sitting on the train back to my city home after attending a birthday party in my family one. It just got very busy due to the “footy crowd”, going home after attending a game. Most of the people seem to be from the winning side – though it’s a bit hard to tell as both teams have similar colours today. 😉 

It’s been a good month. Busy, but good. Or rather, busy and good. Not because of or despite, but just occurring in tandem. When that balance happens, contentment follows. I let myself feel that fully and try to guard it, so it doesn’t disappear when stress comes with the busyness. That’s easier said than done sometimes but I work at it. The first step is to take each day as it comes and grab contentment where I can. 

One trick is scheduling my time and being clear about my commitments. Knowing exactly what I have to do for uni each week is the first step in being able to plan when I’ll make time for it. (Something to do when I get back, after dinner.) 

This is important for my other commitments too (especially as they fit in around uni). For example, we’re just over eight months away from the Melbourne Intervarsity Choral Festival (YAY!) and need to start really getting our ducks in a row for some things, like bookings for in-festival events. There’s always organising to do for our pre-festival social gatherings for Melbourne choir people as well. There’s one coming up in a couple of weeks! 

Socialising with friends is a protective factor for remaining contented too. I’ve got a few things coming up (besides the one I’m organising above and the one I just came from) in the next few weeks where I’m doing that… including watching friends perform in concerts. Remind me to tell you about this week’s one later. 😊

Another thing that helps me stay content is by following the advice of someone I talked to a few weeks ago when the stress was getting to me a little bit: namely, knowing that I have integrity regardless of what happens and that, if someone or something challenges that, I can choose to accept their claim or drop it “like rubbish”. I can stay true to myself and don’t compromise on the things that truly matter to me. 

Experiences help me grow – so eyes on the prize and I’ll look back this time next year and see how far I’ve come. 

Finally, remember that I can rely on and trust my friends and family for advice and support, whatever I need. 

Full steam ahead.