Choral Festival Planning (MIV!)

Hi all. As I’ve mentioned before, I sing in my uni choir, meaning I’m part of the Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association. Now that Perth Intervarsity Festival is over, things become a bit more local for me and others. For me, that means preparing my uni choir for O-Week and hopefully some new members to sing with in the busy year ahead. I’m excited about other things too though, because next year in January, the annual intervarsity Choral Festival (IV) is in Melbourne, my city. I’m on the committee, co-organising social stuff with a friend.

It’s interesting, having an insight into behind-the-scenes stuff. Including secret things that I can’t say yet because there are timelines for release, haha. 😉 What I can say is that as of today (the 11th of February), the Festival is 11 months away!

One thing we’re focusing on at the moment are grants, so we can make this IV the best it can be. I say we, but most of the work for the grants (and it is a lot of effort) is actually being done by a couple of good friends. I just have to signal-boost when I need to. With that in mind, could all of you click on the link below? It’ll take you a few seconds and is really easy. Just click, say “connect now”, scroll through the list to find Melbourne Intervarsity Choral Festival 2018 and click “support”. It’s that simple. If you want to know more, then click “View Details”.


Promotion has officially begun. It’s the ’69th IV in an Australian summer, so the theme (particularly for social and promotional stuff) spins around that – a bit of a hipster/ hippy vibe. Including things like this:

If you’re interested in learning more about the Festival, or AICSA (see if there’s a uni choir or two near you!), there are links below. Sign up to keep up-to-date! I’ll keep you posted, too.

Melbourne Intervarsity Choral Festival (MIV) 2018 Facebook page:
And website:

AICSA website:
And website link about choirs (with handy map):