PIV2017 – 68th Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival

Remember in July last year, I talked about going to an Intervarsity Choral Festival (IV) in Canberra? Well, it’s on again, in Perth this time. It is after all an annual thing. While I forgot to publicise it via the blog before it began (oops), I’m following along as it happens (being unable to attend myself).

concert, the culmination of all their hard work going on right now, will occur on the 29th January in Perth, Australia. If you’re going to be there, or you know someone who will be, come along! You won’t be disappointed. Click on the link for details!

Follow along with what’s going on at:

Also, check out the website of the Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association (AICSA). They’re comprised of uni choirs across Australia and the annual get-togethers are the Intervarsity Festivals like Perth and Canberra, which help promote communication and collaboration between member choirs. AICSA support member choirs and the choral music scene at universities across Australia in various ways. Click on the link to find out more – and for the eagle-eyed among you, yes the header photo does have me in it, as it’s from Canberra IV 2016.