Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. meditation: “Peace on Earth” is a call to action

Interesting. “If you want peace, work for peace”. Doesn’t mean we have to be passive, but *assertive*, which is different to being aggressive.
Of course, sometimes the only option to get people’s attention seems to be by doing the latter…. It’s got me thinking, anyway.

This Saturday, there are marches being organised across the world, Women’s Marches, as a way of expressing emotions about Trump and what he and others represent – as a way of saying, “No” to their hate (in all forms) and “Yes” to unity, compassion, kindness and cohesion.
See here:
Also, a screenshot from the page:


They’re happening across the world: London, Washington, Vienna, Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Budapest, Nairobi, Beirut, Ljubljana, Oslo, Auckland, Melbourne…. In several countries there are more than one city participating.

That’s one way of sending a message!

Messy Jesus Business

Happy Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day to all of you! What are you doing to honor the legacy of Dr. King today?

Please, let us allow ourselves to be disturbed and transformed on this national holiday. This is not a day for sentimental history lessons. It is not a day to rest nor enjoy the comforts of privilege. We cannot afford to rot in complacency.

Rather, we must become students of nonviolence and courageous change makers. Today is a day for contemplation and action; for meditation and community building. Let us effectively scrutinize these times and organize our resistance. Let us lean in to the Spirit to be transformed into true Gospel people. These are the ways we can truly honor Dr. King–and all those who gave up their lives nonviolently for the sake of equality.

Today would be an excellent day to pray with Pope Francis’ World Day of Peace…

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