PiF: Health Care and First Aid…

My Pay-it-Forward story this week is personal, involving action I’ve taken.

I’m a giver, in many ways. One way of showing this is to be a Blood Donor – of Plasma to be exact.


Scheduling this is the tricky bit, but it can be done every two weeks if I chose. Plasma recovers fast. It only takes a little time out of your day – a perfect chance to catch up on reading, or watch a TV programme, or just relax. Good downtime!

The other day, I put myself on another register, which I’d been meaning to do for a while:

I’m now on the Organ and Tissue Donor Register. I said yes to everything. So, if something happens to me and I die, my organs and tissues can be removed and given to someone who needs them. It means a lot to me to think that if I do die “before my time”, I might help someone else regain a full life.

Also today on my newsfeed, I came across this:


Chris Cincotta of Humans in Melbourne was in the position today where he helped save someone’s life. Quoting from the above post, “This is what I know for sure. In that moment, when something had to be done, I remembered my first aid training.
If you haven’t done your first aid or CPR please book in now. You might save a strangers life or even someone you love. I’m still a bit shaky and bloody emotional but it could of been a lot worse and this story would be a lot different if not for learning CPR.”

I know CPR and have a Level 2 First Aid Certificate, due to work. I’m so glad I do.




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