Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I’ve read it!

I largely liked it, too. In part I think because it was a bit of a nostalgia trip. There were a couple of things I was less keen on, but overall I gushed about it. As we’ve come to expect from Rowling, the book contained a number of great quotes about different things, such as pain and fear.

Anyone who doesn’t understand Dumbledore – and other characters – better by the end of the book/play, I’m surprised at you.

One thing that made it a bit different in tone to what I’m used to regarding a Potter story was that – as it was written as a play – the descriptions were a bit lighter on some things. They did include notes about characters’ expressions/ emotions, but still. Something didn’t quite sit well with me about it. Not in a bad way exactly, but – well – it’s a bit tricky at times to tell what certain characters are thinking, given that unless they have a monologue about it, their emotions and so on are usually seen through the judgement of other characters.

The story was unexpected. Overall, it was a nostalgia trip, an advice-giver and a bit of fun about family, friendship and fame.

Jenna has given a more detailed (mildly spoilery but not really) take on the advice-giving gems here.

And there’s another (quite spoiler-heavy in plot description) take. I agree with it – the play format is what makes it different. A “proper” book could’ve delved deeper into some things – but it would’ve been a different book then.