WT&TT: Not Just a Story (reblog)

This is so true and so important.

Not “Just Fiction”: Representation Matters

by Paganaidd

Every so often, when I criticize a work, I get a response of “OMG! It’s JUST a STORY!”. Last week, someone on Twitter told me I needed to learn the difference between reality and fiction (sadly, I was talking about politicians saying silly things in public and I’m pretty sure they’re real).

Yes. It’s just a story and no actual people are harmed in the creation of a work of fiction.  However, the story itself can harm people. Misrepresentation causes direct harm.

Stories are how humans understand and communicate their world. When my husband,Bryan, gives his workshop on Digital Storytelling, he asks the audience, “What is a story?”. There is always a flurry of answers, but when he asks, “What is NOT a story?” the room goes silent.

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