The seasons are starting to change…

Not posting much because uni, though I hope to schedule a couple soon (beyond the regular scheduled WT&TT posts).

However, I saw something on the weekend that made me happy:


This is a pic of one of the “bird plum” trees in our backyard. As you can see, the first buds are out. The same thing is happening with the cherry-plum tree.

love the early-budders. 🙂
This winter has been colder but less rainy than other times, so I haven’t minded it. It’s given me nice scenes on the commute to uni. It’s also provided us with plenty of glorious sunsets and sunrises… The Humans in Melbourne page has some excellent examples.

Winter will still hang around for a while yet. Someone I know says that one shouldn’t really call it “spring” until at least mid-September. I agree that the more marked season changes are at the equinoxes and solstices.

But it’s almost here!