Hello again! Who else is busy?

I’ve been absent from the blog this past week or so because I’ve been busy. First in doing parts of an online subject. Second, I went off to the 2016 Australian Inter-varsity (IV) Choral Festival. It was in Canberra and so my group took the train. By day (going up) was okay, but by night (going home) was a bit of a pain. Still, I made it there and back. I’m quite tired today, but I had a very good time.

The link here (http://ccc-canberracriticscircle.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/into-night.html?m=1) is a review of the concert we performed after having spent several days in intense rehearsals. There were social events in the evenings, going until quite late some nights, so as you can imagine I’m bushed!

If you want more information, go here.

The next IV is in Perth – and Melbourne after that. I enjoyed myself immensely and will certainly be coming back to IVs in the future

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