Was Brexit really democracy in action? (#ItsTime)

Largely focuses on Britain’s recent EU referendum (I refuse to use its tacky other name). The article makes a few points which are applicable to those inside and outside Britain. We need to stand up for truth in politics and from our pollies – that means, BE INFORMED and VOTE. In that order!

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Over thirty-three millions Brits exercised their democratic right to have a say in whether Britain should remain in the EU or leave last Thursday.

But did they?

Was the Brexit vote democracy in action – or politics at its worst?

Democracy is a serious business

Democracy is a serious business – as the people of the UK were reminded last week. About eight hours after the polls in Britain had closed, Google reported that British searches for ‘what happens if we leave the EU’ had more than tripled as many ‘Leave’ voters started to come to terms with the implications of what they had done. The next day a number of ‘Leave’ voters expressed “voters’ bregret” at their decision to leave the UK – with one voter saying:

I was really disappointed about the results. Even though I voted to Leave – this morning I woke up and the reality did actually hit me.


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3 thoughts on “Was Brexit really democracy in action? (#ItsTime)

  1. It didn’t feel like it, to be honest. Both campaigns effectively stopped people trying to answer the actual question and instead they answered a question they felt was related, about immigration, or traditional values, or how it would effect their passports. Mind you, I’ve been saying for years that for a referendum result to be properly representative, whoever wins should have more that 55% – otherwise it’s not representing the majority of the people at all, it’s representing almost exactly half – which means they should either call a new one or say, ‘Well, you seem pretty split down the middle, let’s think about it for a while and have another go in a couple of years’.

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