Knee Update

It’s been two weeks since the knee accident. Things are going pretty well, considering.

A week after it, the knee looked like this:

Still quite swollen, but going down. As of a few days ago, the swelling had almost completely gone, though it’s still a bit puffy:

We went to see an orthopaedic surgeon (OS) last Wednesday and I’ll start physio next week. The OS told me to start using my knee again (gently) and explained the reason why the knee popped out. My lateral ligament (ligament on the outside of the knee which helps hold the kneecap in place) is stronger than the medial (inside) ligament. That will mean that in semester break I’ll be looking at some keyhole surgery to correct that, but for now I have to do physio and just take it gently.

So far, that’s gone pretty well. I’m no longer exempt from household tasks, which is a good thing now that’s been clarified. I’m even getting along without the small brace/guard I used for a while (see pics). The only problem I have at the moment is my leg doesn’t want to stand up straight. I think that’s because it feels more stable slightly bent or something. I’m working on that and we have the physio on Monday, so that’s not too much of an issue really.

I should be fine (touch wood) to go back to uni once break is over. I’m happy about that – I like doing things in person better than online anyway.

I’d like to publicly thank my mum, who has done a lot for me during this time, starting at the hospital and continuing through the first week and after. I understand the phrase “there are times you just want your mum” better now. 🙂 Thanks for everything! I’ll try to be better at responding now I’m on the mend.

Value your body! I’ll be glad when the knee joint feels a bit more stable.