Uni has been kicking me about a bit, so I haven’t had much time to post or schedule.

I did want to write something today though, even though it’s a bit late. You see, today marks 52 weeks since I shaved last year. Around Australia, people have been shaving their heads this week, especially today. Just like last year. It was the 13th, a Friday, when I shaved. I still remember it well.

Look at my hair now.

photo 2

And then:

I smile at this photo. It felt so weird to have such short hair after eleven years of keeping it long. It grew back quickly, though. I chose to lop it off. Others don’t have that choice, because in order to be treated for cancer, the chemo makes their hair fall out (among other side effects). It would be quite uncomfortable…

I didn’t shave because I wanted praise. I did it because I thought it was a good thing to do, to help. I raised $1500. I wonder how much will be raised this year in total?

(There’s still time to donate money. People keep the fundraising pages open for a little while afterwards, in case people see their shaved head and want to give. Go on….)

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