REBLOG from Carly: Help Find Ellen a Flatmate in Adelaide

My online friend Carly is looking to help a friend out. Her friend Ellen is looking for a flatmate in Adelaide…can anyone help???

#AppearanceDiversity: help find Ellen a flatmate in Adelaide

Posted: 23 Jan 2016 02:01 PM PST

I really want to help a friend out – and think that you lovely, open minded readers will be able to assist.

My friend Ellen is looking for a flatmate in Adelaide, Australia. Her fully furnished two bedroom flat is near Adelaide CBD & Flinders university. It has a car space and a garage for storage, plus an Internet connection. And it’s $160 a week. You can find out more about her flat here.

Ellen is 24 years old, studying her honours, she is friendly, has a cat and is tidy. She’s so smart and is a good conversationalist (we’ve had some great chats online). Ellen also has a facial difference.

Picture of Ellen, who is looking for a flatmate. She has blonde hair a beautiful smile.

She’s had inquires from over 50 potential flatmates since late December, and they’ve all fallen through. Ellen told me this experience has brought up questions about how she manages disclosing (or not) her facial difference.

Read the rest of the article by clicking on the title. Clicking on Carly’s name will take you to the rest of her blog.

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