Just say something

A very important thing.

In Silence We Suffer

Sometimes we don’t know what to say so we say nothing. We all do it. After hearing some bad news like a passing of a friend’s relative or perhaps when that very same friend opens up to you for the first time and confides in you the emotions that have been weighing them down. We try to change the conversation, anything to remove the awkwardness. But it’s futile because you can’t unsay a word once it’s been spoken. We try to forget. To move on. To pretend that it never happened. To airbrush the event from history, but yet it still remains.

Our reasoning is built on the commonly mis-held belief that if we don’t say anything then we can’t say anything wrong. But we don’t realise the deeper impact our silence can make. Remaining silent allows the sufferer to think that they were right and that in fact no…

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