2015 Soundtrack

Hi Everyone. Remember last week I promised I’d get to writing down my 2015 soundtrack, since holidays made me forget to do so before? Well, here it is. In light of other things (hmph!), I needed to end on a lighter note.

Singing the Spirit Home by Eric Bogle – for unjust punishments: Gillian Triggs and asylum seekers as well as Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran and other matters.

We’re Better Than This by Darren Percival & others – Another song about injustice….children do not belong in detention!

The Circle of Life from The Lion King (Musical) – A beautiful song – and the way they carried it off in the musical was magical.
They Live in You/ He Lives in You (Reprise) from The Lion King Musical – These songs, like so many in the musical, have such power. They’re about ancestry and how we can find the ‘spirits’ of those we love inside ourselves, if we look.
Can You Feel the Love Tonight from the Lion King Musical – Included because I still have a very vivid image of Nala and Simba carrying this song beautifully, with great charisma and grace. Simba in particular…rawr. (Smirk. There was some very good acting there.)

Wa Humba Nathi from One Africa Performance – A prayer & praise song.
Hama Weya from One Africa Performance – An African dance song.
Both of these formed a part of the One Africa performance by the Boite Millenium Chorus – I could add more too.

Roads Will Take You There by Play School – I found myself humming this a bit on our recent trip north. We went through a number of towns mentioned in the song. 
He Can Run
 by Play School – A childhood song about how an emu can run fast, included because of the amount of wildlife we saw on the trip and also for the line “you see a lot more of Australia with both feet on the ground”.
Full disclosure: in the early 00s there was a tape/ CD released which was called “Play School in the Car” that was played often enough in our house for songs to stick in my memory, if they hadn’t already. Play School was a regular childhood show at our house and as the oldest I saw/ heard a lot of it.

I think that’s enough songs to be getting on with for 2015!

For a look at the original post about soundtracks and music, click here.

Oh, and by the way, sorry if any of you have been getting emails about a post, only to find it’s not there…the scheduling tool on wordpress seems to be playing up a bit. O.o