General Ramble

Hi all. How are things?

I’ve been doing a little bit of this and that. There’s been a lot of sport on lately, which I tune in and out of. For example, tennis. I can appreciate a good shot, but the rules tie me up. Don’t explain it – I understand some things sometimes, but then get confused by others. Nah, my way ‘in’ to sport is through human interest stuff.

It’s kind of weird to realise that Lleyton Hewitt has been playing at the “pro level” (that’s what they call it, yes?) for most of your life. Twenty years is actually two decades, so that’s a bit of a long time (especially in sport). Weird.

The cricket’s been on too. I usually seem to find myself going for the team batting second in the T20 games…after all, the aim is for them to catch up and surpass the first team’s score. It’s more exciting when it’s close. I was going for the first-batters last night though, because they were Melbourne. Oh well, better luck next year. And Sydney, well, they did come from fourth on the ladder to win, so at least that’s got a bit of underdog in it.

I’m finally starting to get back into my writing, even if right now it’s ‘just’ character development things. It’s fun to play around with backstory, even if circumstances mean that any fluffy stuff created is liberally laced with angst from an author’s perspective. Those are the benefits of being the author – omnipotence and foreknowledge. 😉

By the way, I’ve updated my “Fandoms” post of last year, due to New Tricks ending and the rise of Vera.

Look out for a post about my 2015 soundtrack – my holiday was sort of busy, so I didn’t do it before the end of last year. Does anyone else find that it takes them all of January – or sometimes longer – to get used to writing the new year’s date instead of the old year’s? I think I’ve been helped in that regard this year because I made a commitment to write in my diary/journal every day.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back to ‘work’ I go….

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