REBLOG: The Human Jesus

Food for thought.

Who is/was Jesus really? Have we, in western Christendom, painted for ourselves a false picture of the Jesus that walked this planet? Greg Jenks explains…

The post below comes from the blog of Greg Jenks.  It is being posted not only because of the discussion/reflection on the humanity of Jesus but also because of the discussion on the various issues of justice which need to be addressed as and if we are followers of Jesus. Advocacy @ St Paul’s is a small group within the parish of St Paul’s, Bakery Hill in Ballarat.  We have been in existence only just over a year.  What we do here at this time is local.  Greg Jenks has given us a list on a broader scale.  We will have to consider how we can tap into these vital issues which extend beyond our Australian borders because at we welcome 2016, the Millenium Development Goals have been neither met nor completed.

The Human Jesus

[An extract from my recent book, Jesus Then and Jesus Now: Looking for Jesus, Finding Ourselves. Melbourne: Mosaic Press, 2014), pp. 124–30.]
The humanity of Jesus is not to be considered as a philosophical puzzle and carefully dovetailed with his preexistent divinity, but observed in its ordinary expressions in everyday life. Taking the humanity of Jesus seriously means that we notice his ethnicity, his religion, his economic status, and his political situation. If such categories seem odd for a discussion of Jesus it may well be an indication of just how little significance we have attributed to the humanity of Jesus.
Read more here.

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