Keep Up the Pressure: Kids Out!

An addendum to my last post. I’ve received this email (below). It’s a small step and there are still questions. For instance, this doesn’t address the kids on Nauru. Or adult asylum seekers. So we need to – we must – keep up the pressure…

But wouldn’t it be good if we could look back on today as something of a turning point???

Sarah Hanson-Young via 

16:48 (3 hours ago)

to me

Having trouble reading this email? Try the online version here.

Dear Clare,

The Senate just passed Greens amendments that say no child will be locked up in detention centres on Australian soil.

This is a massive step forward — but we must make sure PM Turnbull doesn’t reverse it.

As well as the new law to remove children from detention (with their parents), the Senate legislated to have the centres opened up to media scrutiny, to enforce the mandatory reporting of abuse and to reverse the punitive Border Force whistle-blower crackdown which covered doctors and nurses in detention.

Now, the legislation will return to the House of Representatives and it will be up to Malcolm Turnbull whether he reverses the will of the Senate and the people so that he can keep children locked up in detention.

Will you add your voice, and tell PM Turnbull that no child here in Australia, or locked up offshore, belongs in detention?

Today the Senate took a historic step forward.

Please spread the word and make sure the Prime Minister doesn’t drag us backwards.

Thank you,

Sarah Hanson-Young

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