Musings on Tolerance (A few links)

The blog post partially reblogged below is written from an Indian perspective – but most if not all can be applied elsewhere (hence the star). Including in Australia.

It’s especially important, perhaps, in light of recent events.

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The original link, with the rest of the blog post, is here.
Some further links on this topic: – very insightful. The colour of a person’s political stripes doesn’t mean they can’t be a terrorist. – radicals come in many forms, but are mainly characterised (according to this article) by fervent belief without much critical thought.

What is intolerance and identify its forms? How best to come out of it all?

04 NOV
Intolerance is supposed to have taken place when we do not accept others’ point of view or belief, are not in sync with others’ sensitivities or habits which are different to that of ours, etc. This intolerance could be due to our incapacity to put up with others beliefs and practices. These beliefs and practices could be ritualistic or religious in nature or could be in conflict with our own persisting beliefs and its consequence / spin-off may produce harmful effects on the country as a whole. It should never be forgotten that any over-indulgence in our beliefs and stark disregard or denigrate differing perceptions produces hostility between the communities. Also, the allowable deviation in beliefs, if at all, could be ironed out by sitting of differing communities and reach to a conclusive result by an approach of give and take otherwise intolerance between could result in bad blood and ill-feeling and could prove to be counterproductive to inclusive growth of a country. Divisiveness could spell doom for unity and integrity of a country as well.

Intolerance in any form has disastrous consequences and if not controlled with iron hand can prove ruinous to the inclusive growth first and then shake the very foundation of the state. We should never forget that India* is a pluralistic society and every community has its role to play in its growth and development.


9 thoughts on “Musings on Tolerance (A few links)

  1. We must each learn to educate and think for ourselves. Far too often we are willing to let the media sway us, rather romantically into believing things as a mass collective.

    Critical thinking skills are the cornerstone to a person thinking for themselves. It’s important that we do not allow others to do our thinking for us.

    Art, music, books. We have an abundance of gold at our disposal, but we have to get up off of our backsides and indulge ourselves in the arts and cultures of others if we are to learn tolerance. Refusing to do so will surely guarantee that we have become drunk from ‘the’ Kool-Aid.

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  2. One belief that comes to mind, is the PMs claim that he won’t support any tax reform that aren’t fair.

    The likes of Fran are putting great faith in that statement. Please, can someone explain where the bar will be set for fairness. Fairness I suspect is a little like beauty, in the eyes of the beholder.

    Like much of what we are hearing from the the PM, just more meaningless platitudes and motherhood statements.

    We will, I suspect judge fairness from our own needs, our own concepts of what society we wish to live in.


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