I Pray for Peace Across the World

(Image credit: http://www.lightworkersworld.com/2012/09/heartfelt-by-will-schnoor-jr/_doves__by_tanakin/ )

“Lord, make me a channel of your peace
Where there is hatred let me bring your love
Where there is injury, your pardon Lord,
And where there’s sadness ever joy.”
~ Part of a Christian prayer/ song, known as ‘Prayer of St. Francis’, ‘Peace Prayer’, or (song) ‘Make Me a Channel of Your Peace’. There are many versions.

Further to my tolerance reblog earlier today – which was planned before the recent tragedies – I want to talk a little more about things.

I pray for peace across the world. If only, if only…
I pray for those affected by the conflicts in this strife-torn world, whoever they are.
I pray that solutions be found and that the people of these conflicts’ needs be considered in these solutions.
I pray that it is recognised that every death matters, wherever in the world each occurs.
I pray for respect towards each other’s differences – that we unite as one rather than divide along well-trodden lines.
I pray for those who feel isolated or abandoned – that they find support and hope rather than violence and despair.
I pray that we reach out to each other rather than turn away from each other.

Hug your family and friends – share your feelings and listen to each other. Do the things you love, your favourite things. Remember that pets are great healers, too.
This is a time for welcome and unity, not accusation and disharmony. It’s a time to stand for compassion, tolerance and peace. For all humanity.

Peace be with you, I pray, wherever you are.


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