Armistice Day, 2015.

97 Years ago today.
Lest we forget.

A shame that so much war and strife still continues. Take a moment to pause and remember today, those who fought and died, or were injured in body or mind. In that war and others since.
11/11, 11:00.

Eric Bogle: And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Eric Bogle: No Man’s Land


May we never forget their sacrifice for our freedom,
And may we be thankful that our generation has not had to fight as they did
for the liberty we enjoy.
from And There Was a Great Calm   by Thomas Hardy
(On the Signing of the Armistice, 11 Nov. 1918)
Breathless they paused. Out there men raised their glance
To where had stood those poplars lank and lopped,
As they had raised it through the four years’ dance
Of Death in the now familiar flats of France;
And murmured, ‘Strange, this! How? All firing stopped?’
Aye; all was hushed. The about-to-fire fired not,
The aimed-at moved away in trance-lipped song.
One checkless regiment slung a clinching shot
And turned. The Spirit of Irony smirked out, ‘What?
Spoil peradventures woven of Rage and Wrong?’
Thenceforth no flying fires inflamed the gray,
No hurtlings shook the dewdrop from…

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