Life, Generally….and EdiMo is (Almost) Ready to Roll

Hello again!

Well, it’s been a bit busy, hasn’t it? Last week (and the week before) was mostly scheduled posts as exam revision and then exams made me focus on them. Now, though, I’m free and ready to talk. Call this a catch-up post with a few topics. 😛

First thing – the Walk Together Event was great fun. 🙂 I enjoyed it and will certainly be coming back next year. I enjoyed meeting new people and saying hello to those who I knew already. We had quite a strong group where I was and the crowds were good at other places too.

Secondly….who else watched last week’s Melbourne Cup? I know, I know, I’m a bit late, but hey, congrats Michelle Payne, Stevie Payne, Darren Weir and the owners and other assorted people. Also, let’s not forget the horse, Prince of Penzance. That was a very special race. Ten-year-old me and her imaginary mount Mystical Moonlight (I know, what a name!) cheered when she saw Michelle and Penzance were going to win. Current me let out a cry of “Yes!” and punched the air a bit when they crossed the finish line. It’s nice when the good story wins. First female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup, with quite the family story behind her (including her brother Stevie the strapper, who has Downs Syndrome), plus a down-to-Earth trainer and a horse with his own history to overcome? It’s the sort of story, I thought, that an author would dream up – made all the better because it’s true. 🙂

I backed Michelle and Penzance from before the race, though not with money. I don’t like the gambling side of racing – or the cruelty side. Those sort of discussions do need to happen, but it’s a tricky thing to negotiate at times. You can tell most trainers, jockeys and strappers etc. love their horses. Darren Weir is a good trainer to support; he employs someone to find homes for horses who can’t make the cut. It’s a shame about Red Cadeaux injuring himself, but at least he’ll live. There was an interesting article in The Age the other day which explored what really happens to horses after they retire or are injured and why they are often put down after injuries. I encourage you to read it, it explains things well. The second link is a more detailed explanation linked to in the first one.

Thirdly, did anyone see the latest Doctor Who episode (weekend of 7th/8th Nov)? Oh my goodness. I was going to geek out a bit here, but then decided it needs its own post. I’ll just say: great acting by all, especially by Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. Loved the real-world and in-world references. And oh my goodness. That Speech. 😀 More later – it deserves its own post (which I went off to write because it was swimming around in my head – a factor in why this is being posted now and not 12:00 or earlier, 😛 ).

Oh yeah, almost forgot: check out this piece from Pavowski (he used to be Pavorisms but is now ‘Accidentally Inspired’). It’s a little thought on time. Note our amused exchange at the bottom – a reminder about Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere differences. 🙂 A lot of his stuff is pretty interesting, really. Go on, check it out.

So, finally: EdiMo. For many people, November is National Novel-Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. My view on that is similar to Pavowski’s view. Some may like it, but I don’t so will not participate. What I am doing though is EdiMo. My idea is that it will be an “Editing Month” or more than a month, to try to kick-start the editing process. There are different parts to this, so if you see a post with the title “EdiMo”, it’ll be about the writing. First, though, I need to finish the first draft, which is a holey quilted thing of different parts, some more coherent than others to the overall storyline. Blame the fact I’ve been writing this thing over sixteen months in bursts lasting for an hour or so at a time on the train, with a few longer patches sprinkled in.

So, off I go!