Walk Together and Say Welcome TOMORROW


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(Me in July this year at a pub in Brunswick if I remember correctly…. I love seeing these posters about the place!)

A reminder that the “Walk Together – Say Welcome” event is tomorrow, Saturday 31st October. It begins at 11:00 (AM) across Australia – many groups are meeting a bit before then (around 10:30 or so). If you’re in Australia, I hope you’ll attend an event. The pinned post on the blog homepage has more specific details, or go to  http://walktogether.welcometoaustralia.org.au/

I hope the weather is good for it with the way it’s been so topsy-turvy lately! 😛
Remember, Slip, Slop, Slap, Slide (and Seek at the end). It’s going to be fun, but the sun will probably be strong.

I hope some of you can make it!!! Quite a few local celebrities/ personalities/ stars are attending….

An article in several newspapers yesterday about the latest social cohesion survey results by the Scanlon Foundation is a cause for righteous happiness.

“What makes Australia unique,” says Markus, “is its acceptance of immigration and cultural diversity. And it’s strengthening.”

The mission of the Scanlon Foundation is to measure how this migrant nation hangs together. The figures are subtle. Old White Australia is not yet a corpse but Markus found in 2015, “lowered experience of discrimination, heightened acceptance of immigration and cultural diversity, and more positive future expectations”.

So get along to your local Welcome Walk and prove that! We are one but we are many, as that song goes (I have a soft spot for it). We’re certainly not defined by those who would wish otherwise. Let’s show that across Australia tomorrow.

(Does the link below work? I bet it won’t….It’s supposed to “embed” a video – of the sort that the Welcome to Australia organisation have been sharing throughout the past few weeks – but we’ll see how that goes.)

I’m looking forward to it….and I hope to see you there if you’re in my area!

In many of the places there will be live music afterwards. There will definitely be some sort of picnic. So come on. Let’s Say Welcome, people. 🙂