REBLOGGED: Why All Fiction is Science Fiction

Great article – go and have a read. D. Paul Angel really hits the mark. As writers, it’s all under our control. So why not mess around with the ‘default’ setting, even a little bit?
The controls, for Lily’s universe, are set to ‘Earth-like planet’, ‘future’, ‘rebuilt post-apocalyptic world’…and that’s just the beginning.
P.S. I think I might be able to get the climax of Lily’s story done today. Yes!

Why ALL Fiction is Science Fiction

Why ALL Fiction is Science Fiction*

|| Imagine if you will a recording studio. There’s a control room with tables and banks of countless knobs, switches, and slides, used to control almost every sound produced in the sound booth. Here, soundproofed from external noise the musicians, actors, or foleys ply their audiotastic trade. Writing, at its truest core, is best imagined through this construct.

The sound booth is the world we create with our words. Every story starts with one, though the inside is more akin to the holodecks of Star Trek’s later series than to a conventional sound room. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all blank including the door to the Fourth Wall. Where you, as the writer sits. Before you though is the most complicated control board ever devised. Just think about all the variables that go into this now blank world!

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