Creative Kindness to Yourself

Five steps to a build creative confidence (and be part of the creative kindness revolution!) from Pip Lincolne at Meet Me at Mike’s. Full article here.

  1. Watch your negative self-talk – replace every snarky thing you say to yourself with something kinder.
  2. Remember that there are no mistakes – you learn from every part of the process, so embrace the things that didn’t go the way you expected
  3. If you’re feeling a bit fearful of sharing your work, combat nerves with a mini-meditation. You could try the Smiling Mind app. I like that one a lot.
  4. Rewrite the script and talk about yourself and your work in more glowing terms to others. Positivity is catching.
  5. Find a creative gang to share your insecurities and triumphs with. Facebook is a great place to find supportive online groups (start your own, if you fancy!) or meet up in real life for the bonus feature of hugs and shared pots of tea!

4 thoughts on “Creative Kindness to Yourself

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing about how best to create confidence in ourselves through through self introspection/analysis and subsequently take course correction thereafter. If we keep ourselves cut off both from ourselves (when we do not listen to our inner voice). To have good company is good to improve ourselves. But I have something different idea; having got good things from others, we ought to mix with not-so-good-company and try to refine them with your experience – putting across our ideas ; if they are receptive it is good for us and to them. :))

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  2. Sound advice! Sometimes, if you’re feeling down, the best thing to do is to make a conscious decision to smile – it relaxes a lot forehead muscles, improving headaches and reducing stress. And, like positivity, smiles are infectious – they make you feel happy, and they make other people feel happy 🙂

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