Creative Kindness to Yourself

Five steps to a build creative confidence (and be part of the creative kindness revolution!) from Pip Lincolne at Meet Me at Mike’s. Full article here.

  1. Watch your negative self-talk – replace every snarky thing you say to yourself with something kinder.
  2. Remember that there are no mistakes – you learn from every part of the process, so embrace the things that didn’t go the way you expected
  3. If you’re feeling a bit fearful of sharing your work, combat nerves with a mini-meditation. You could try the Smiling Mind app. I like that one a lot.
  4. Rewrite the script and talk about yourself and your work in more glowing terms to others. Positivity is catching.
  5. Find a creative gang to share your insecurities and triumphs with. Facebook is a great place to find supportive online groups (start your own, if you fancy!) or meet up in real life for the bonus feature of hugs and shared pots of tea!