REBLOGGED: The inextricable links we all have to the business of offshore detention

Remember what I blogged about a little while ago – “No Business In Abuse”? This is the sort of thing they’re talking about. Transfield has links to many, many, businesses in Australia (and overseas). Boycott them if possible and make some noise!

Why every Australian is inextricably linked to every asylum-seeker in offshore detention – Written by UNDERCOVER1

by winstonclose


When you see the name Transfield, you probably think about the company’s contract overseeing Australia’s notorious and illegal detention gulags on Manus Island and Nauru. But Transfield’s multi-million dollar empire also includes an array of subsidary companies that touch the lives of every Australian (and there are even the odd overseas assets too). From the water you drink, from the planes you fly in, from the sports venues you attend, from the buildings and offices you work in, from the public transport services you rely on, from the roads you drive on, from the bush walks you go on, from the malls you shop in, from the aged care facilities you will eventually turn to… your life is linked to the corporate survival of Transfield. Thus, every day you breathe you are unconsciously helping Transfield inflict suffering upon those asylum-seekers whose only wish has been to escape oppression.

(Update: Re. this week’s high court challenge by the Human Rights Law Centre,arguingthat the Government’s offshore detention policy of asylum-seekers is unconstitutional: aruling is yet to be made.)

Every Australian, whether they like it or not, is inextricably linked to every physical abuse, every murder, every rape, and every assault on these asylum-seekers. And in standing by and doing nothing, Australians give permission to their Government to continue with its illegal offshore detention policy – a policy that flouts all international conventions.

But this illegal activity would not be possible without the collusion of Transfield and its sub-contractor Wilson Security. Think of it this way: if the Australian Government, in enacting its illegal offshore processing policy, is guilty of crimes against humanity, then Transfield and its subsidiaries (and apologists – see Appendix) are the Government’s IG Farben.

Remember, the Nuremberg Principles are very much alive and well – ignore them and you are morally guilty too.

Companies that form Transfield:

Transfield Services employs more than 19,000 people across 18 industries and 10 countries and is a global provider of operations, maintenance and construction services to the resources, energy, industrial, infrastructure, property and defence sectors. Transfield Services also covers water provision, telecommunications, roads, rail systems, defence systems and, of course, detention management. Transfield Services partners with Defence on the Estate Maintenance and Operations Services, National Aircraft Refueling, Rescue & Fire Fighting and Retail Stores and Petrol, Oils and Lubricants Services contracts. Transfield Services provides maintenance services to land-based assets, such as military vehicles and general equipment, as part of the Land Material Maintenance contract; corrosion protection services for the Australian Navy’s six Collins Class Submarines; and blast and paint work for ASC Pty Ltd as part of the construction of the Air Warfare Destroyers.

Screenshot from 2015-10-09 22:03:05

APP Corporation is a subsidiary of Transfield and provides a wide range of consulting, advisory and specialist technical services to the property and infrastructure industries across project management, urban planning, real estate and independent

Screenshot from 2015-10-09 22:03:24

Broadspectrum is a multi-discipline electrical, commissioning, mechanical and instrumentation service company for the construction, mining, and energy markets. A wholly owned subsidiary of Transfield Services, Broadspectrum works throughout Australia and overseas. Broadspectrum has Industrial Services Centres throughout Australia to deliver electrical and instrumentation, mechanical services, fabrication, commissioning, scaffolding, and protective coatings as well as minor

Screenshot from 2015-10-09 22:03:36

Easternwell Group, another Transfield subsidiary, offers contractor services in drilling, well servicing and maintenance, engineering and rig manufacturing, catering, mobile camp manufacturing, logistics, pipelines and construction, technical services, pressure control and snubbing. Easternwell Group also has a number of support services within the company including aviation, training, health, safety and environment and corporate services.

Screenshot from 2015-10-09 22:03:54

Transfield subsidiary HRI is the world’s only provider of high-temperature inspections and repairs in environments with temperatures ranging from 600 to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit using a patented heat-safe system in refineries, power plants, and industrial

ICD – another Transfield subsidiary – delivers engineering and design of maintenance and brownfield projects to the hydrocarbons, processing and related industries. ICD has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne and works on Shell’s industrial sites in Clyde in New South Wales, Geelong, and at a terminal site in Fremantle.

Inser Transfield Services (Inser TS) delivers engineering, construction and maintenance services to global mining and mineral processing companies operating in

Steier Oil Field Service is a Roustabout and Pipeline company and Transfield subsidiary, serving the oil and gas industry in western North Dakota,

Transfield’s Ten Rivers offers complete environment consultancy and service

Other Transfield subsidiaries:

  • Australian Quality Assurance & Superintendence Pty Ltd (Aquas) was established in 1991and is a national firm with extensive experience in the development and implementation of Environmental, Quality and Safety management systems and compliance audit services.
  • The Planning Group is a multi-disciplinary urban planning consultancy practice providing services in statutory planning, strategic planning, project management, advocacy, community engagement, master planning and urban design. It’s services include: Advocacy, Community Consultation, Development Approvals, Strategic Planning, Urban Design and Masterplanning, and VCAT and Planning
  • CI provides a dedicated leasing service across its national offices and has expertise in managing both owner and tenant requirements across major commercial, industrial and retail properties.
  • Australian Drilling Solutions
  • Colby Corporation Pty Ltd and Colby Unit Trust
  • Collinsvile Corporation Pty Ltd
  • Eastern Catering Services Holdings
  • Eastern Pressure Control
  • ETSH Pty Ltd
  • EWG Aircraft Pty
  • EWS Aircraft Pty
  • Gorey and Cole Drillers
  • ICD (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd
  • OGC Services
  • Peak Drilling Pty
  • Piver Pty
  • Porcelain Holdings Pty
  • SDC Plant & Equipment
  • Sides Drilling Contractors
  • Silver City Drilling
  • Transfield Metrolink
  • Transhare Plan
  • Ingeneria Ambiental y Servicios (Chile)
  • Inversiones Transfield Services (Chile) Holdings Limitad
  • TS (Technology and Consulting) Private Limited
  • Transfield Services Mannai Oil and Gas Services
  • TIMEC Operating Company, Inc
  • Transfield Services Oilfields, LLC
  • Transfield Services Upstream Holdings, LLC

Appendix: Transfield’s lobbying firms

Like any company, Transfield employs lobbyists to consult with Government. There are two lobbying companies that act on Transfield’s behalf:

  1. Premier State Consulting Pty Ltd

Includes following lobbyists:

Screenshot from 2015-10-05 13:52:18

2. Capital Hill Advisory Pty Ltd

Includes following lobbyists:

Screenshot from 2015-10-05 13:58:09

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