General Update on Life

Hi! How are things with you all?

Personally, I’m getting towards the pointy end of semester, so things are a bit busy. I’ve been drafting essays this week. Which would be okay, if I didn’t have to force myself at times to not be distracted. 😛

This semester I’ve mostly been scheduling posts instead of writing them on the spot – even this one was/ is being written a few days before its posting (with a bit of tidying up closer to time) as my timeline is a lot sharper. I wanted to go down only two days a week, so squeezed everything in. It’s nice compared to last semester, when I was going down three days per week for four days total of classes (thanks again friend if you’re reading for letting me stay that one night a week!). But the scheduling is also annoying as I have two 9:00 classes. I live about two hours away by public transport. So that means a lot of early mornings. Useful experiment, but not something I’ll look to repeat in too much of a hurry. 😛

I’m really glad I’ve got the public transport though. It makes things a lot easier given I don’t have my licence yet. 🙂
We’ll get there.

On the story front, I’m very close to the climax point and have worked out Lily’s emotional storyline, so that’s exciting. Hopefully, by the end of next (?) week I’ll have made a good-sized dint into the climax itself (this week’s writing time will be taken up by uni work I think). It’s almost painful being so close, as I know almost exactly what will happen from here until the end. Once I’ve written the end, I can get on to editing it. There are some fairly important gaps which need to be fixed. Knowing me, I’ll get to the ready-to-edit point just in time for me to need to stop for SWOT VAC, haha. Anyway, expect a post sometime in the next few weeks which is full of excited relief. 😉

So, how are you coping with the weather? It’s been a bit funny lately, down here. Warm on the weekends but cooler during the week. How considerate. Ah, well. One month of spring is gone and two remain! By the way, brace yourselves: it’s supposed to be a long hot summer. Hmmm.