Well Now, This is Interesting!

Sitting on the train home today, I planned a post in my head about how the student union magazine at my uni has published one of the pieces from this blog. To be specific, it’s the one titled, Abbott and The Strange State of Aussie Politics.Ā That’s a very nice feeling. šŸ™‚

Then, I got home and discovered – from the car radio – that Turnbull hasĀ challenged Abbott! Ooh er. Things just got interesting. (Cue intense music.)
There had been rumblings for days from various people questioning and suggesting when a spill would occur. “Everyone” seemed to know it was a given – the question (even up to early this afternoon) was when. We have our answer now and the jockeying has begun.

Pundits speculate – will Turnbull actually get in? According to his camp he has the numbers, but we can’t discount a third person (I’ve heard both Julie Bishop and Scott Morrison mentioned) grabbing hold of the contest. The one thing that I think is certain is that it isĀ highly unlikelyĀ that Abbott will be PM tomorrow morning.

The thing is, if Turnbull were to ascend to the leadership…just because he’s distanced himself from Abbott in word doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily do so in deed. He can blather on all he likes about the need for “economic leadership” and less “policy on the run”, but the fact remains he’s still a very sly snake-oil salesman type. Also, he’ll still be leading a party which is full of right-wingers with a few moderates. How much change can we really expect?

Ā (image via GetUp Facebook)

Remember, it was the whole government – or at least the cabinet – that contributed to (via GetUp Facebook again): attempts to “deregulate university fees, cut the aged pension and Family Tax Benefits, introduce a 6 month wait for young job-seekers to access income support, not to mention unwinding all progress on climate change action and putting our renewable energy industry in jeopardy”. Do you remember that cringe-worthy photoĀ – among others – of Hunt, Abbott and Dutton et al. hugging after repealing the price on carbon? Turnbull is a snake-oil salesman who would (as someone close just said) smile as he kicked you in the teeth.

So I’d say, not much will change. But you know, if he was to become leader, then that could mean a more interesting contest come election time. I’d still be going for Shorten & Labor.
Of course, that’s thinking TurnbullĀ will get in and not (as I mentioned above) Morrison or Bishop – or someone completely different.

Even if the unbelieveable happens and Abbott, say, gets in by one vote again (shudders), his only real option is to call a Double Dissolution election – and then he’s out on his behind anyway.

Whatever happens, I’ll be watching – and so will many other Australians, because Abbott is (finally!) on his way out (I think). Real “good government” – the sort that makes good decisions rather than constant gaffes for instance – could really be just around the corner. Not a moment too soon.

Now, what next?

And many more which I couldn’t be bothered searching for….